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Door 12 – Dynamics 365 In Cloud Vs On Premise

Door 12 - Dynamics In Cloud Vs On Premise

We now feel that realistically, there’s very little reason for anyone to be On-Premise now.

With Microsoft’s UK Data Centre, your Cloud storage is governed within the UK with other data centres throughout Europe and the US should you need them. The security is tight. Even the UK’s Ministry of Defence is using Microsoft Cloud in the UK. There’s a lower hardware investment, a lower IT resource requirement and it’s quick to set up. The Dynamics 365 Online offering is always going to be more comprehensive than On-Premise. It’s simply the way the world is going and it makes sense to go with it. If you’re currently on premise, your transition to Dynamics 365 is the time to look to Cloud to make the most of all the features and save money over the longer term. Dynamics 365 for On-Premise is still a strong product, but we think, over time, you’ll have to accept that there will be features and benefits that you’ll lose out on. This is not yet confirmed but we believe that the tools available to provide Online services cannot always be used to provide On Premise services. Assuming that’s the case, there will be instances where Microsoft need to use a tool that will be available Online, but not On Premise such as tiered pricing, PowerApps, Enterprise Plan functionality limitations and use right differences on Team Members.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk a little about the Non-Production Instance.

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