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Direct marketing industry enjoys growth

A new report from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has highlighted strong growth levels within the sector, both in B2B and B2C areas.

The DMA encompasses a vast array of different models and advertising types, ranging from telemarketing to display marketing in magazines and social media campaigns.

Its study found that direct marketing in the UK grew by approximately 8.6 per cent over the course of 2013, displaying continued growth over the last few years.

According to the DMA, this process resulted in a quarter of all UK sales generated in the past year.

“As direct marketing is used in almost every industry and business in the UK, the market has remained fairly resilient to changes in the economy in recent years; however, several direct marketing agencies have faced acquisition and consolidation by larger, global groups in efforts to maintain position in what is fast becoming a saturated marketplace,” said the study.

With digital becoming increasingly important for many companies, direct marketing is becoming even more central to advertising campaigns and beginning to overtake more traditional approaches.

Direct marketers are optimising on the higher visibility and broader reach available by using social channels and the internet to engage with consumers, with high-tech efforts replacing old-fashioned concepts such as door drops.

However, the industry still faces some negative connotations, with fears around data security and continued criticism of cold calling damaging its reputation.

Utilising software such as CRM can ensure that businesses do not end up contacting the wrong people and help them target their direct marketing campaigns in such a way that they improve their standing with customers rather than lessen it.

MarketStorm Global managing director Gavin Walsh said he was unsurprised by the DMA report as direct marketing is likely to enjoy further growth over the coming years.

Smaller firms need a “marketing solution which is measurable, results-driven and affordable,” he declared.

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Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin

CRM Specialist at Redspire
Paul comes to Redspire with over 15 years of business development experience in various fields; most recently in business intelligence, CRM and Outsourced Technology Projects. Paul is tasked with ensuring all aspects of the client’s relationship with Redspire are developed and nurtured. He is in charge of deploying the right resource, consulting with key stakeholders and ensuring customer experience is of the highest quality.
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