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CRM: What We Learned from Chad Kroeger, Old School Sales Guys and Santa…


It’s been a weird but wonderful quarter, uncover how to optimise your CRM platform using rock music, stockings and a steak sandwich…


Rockstar, Not Marketer

Who says marketing can’t be rock ’n’ roll? Just ask Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger who’s generated a $60 million fortune by deploying five essential CRM principles to sell his music*, making the band more like a ‘vertically-integrated supply chain’ than a rock group. Is that the sound of Jimi Hendrix spinning in his grave?


Your CRM: Epic Fail?

Or is yours flying? It might just be worth double-checking as 63% of CRM systems are failing their organisations. From low, slow adoption rates to disinterested boards, we list the top five mistakes that are leaving company CRM investments rushing to meet the reaper, rather than reaping real rewards…



Be My Valentine

Ensure your CRM platform isn’t a needy, whiny long term commitment for your sales team. Instead, use this blog to turn your CRM into the perfect partner for them, building a rewarding career-long relationship; not a disappointing one-night stand and embarrassed looks the following morning…



Meet Old-Timer Bob

Every company’s got one – the old-school sales guy who likes golf, steak sandwiches and chatting with clients. The young sales bucks think he’s more dinosaur than dynamic, but in reality? This blog reveals Bob is actually a human CRM system. Networking, nurturing and knowing his clients, discover why he could well be your company’s greatest CRM asset…



Happy Xmas, You’re Fired!

Never mind Yuletide spirit – it’s time for Father Christmas to hand out P45s to his elves, and employ CRM to be his little helper instead; our blog reveals how Microsoft Dynamics can help Santa create the perfect wish lists, take the strain off Rudolph – and uncover who deserves a stocking crammed with gifts and who deserves a lump of coal…


‘I’ve broken the internet…’

We unveil the daily schedule of successful IT managers; from fielding the phone calls of panicked luddite employees to educating the boardroom that IT is more than just ‘turning your PC off and on again’, it’s all here in one handy blog that’ll make every day a zinger, not a soul-sapping stinger.



Now you’ve armed yourself with this weapons bunker of CRM artillery, it’s time to turn it on the C-Suite – and we can help you there too with our free eGuide: ‘The ultimate guide to: winning board support’.


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Billy Lyle

Billy Lyle

Managing Director at Redspire
Billy has more than 15 years' experience in deploying business solutions and he makes a point of attending every customer kick-off meeting. Day-to-day he directs all commercial and technical development work at Redspire.
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