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Can You Avoid These 5 Common CRM Implementation Mistakes?


Uncover if your CRM plans are made of the right stuff – or are at risk of becoming besieged by CRM implementation issues

CRM is not infallible. Evidence shows that it has the potential to do more harm than good. After all, according to the Merkle Group, 63% of CRM solutions fail.

But why?

Common CRM implementation issues can cripple a platform before it’s even been rolled out. In this Slideshare, we look at these issues and how to avoid them.

Many CRM implementation issues are very common but can be easily avoided. A successful roll out and high user adoption can be achieved with informed and strategic planning. Identify goals, processes and the needs of your end users to hit the ground running with CRM implementation.


  • Define what your CRM platform’s role is within your business before proceeding with its implementation.
  • Ensure you are feeding your CRM platform with up-to-date data.
  • Engage employees with your CRM plans through training, advocacy and practical demonstrations.
  • Ensure your selected CRM will integrate with your legacy systems – or you’ll put your entire IT infrastructure at risk.
  • Bring on board CRM experts to give your platform the best possible chance of success.

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Billy Lyle

Billy Lyle

Managing Director at Redspire
Billy has more than 15 years' experience in deploying business solutions and he makes a point of attending every customer kick-off meeting. Day-to-day he directs all commercial and technical development work at Redspire.
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