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CRM for Sales: 5 things yours should be doing

Sales run the risk of reduced productivity and efficiency if they don’t embrace the far-reaching potential of CRM. On paper, the adoption of CRM by Sales should be a ‘no-brainer’. Its toolset is designed to aid sales efficiency, enabling teams to...

Can You Avoid These 5 Common CRM Implementation Mistakes?

Uncover if your CRM plans are made of the right stuff – or are at risk of becoming besieged by CRM implementation issues

Adopt Microsoft Dynamics 2016 to Improve Your Sales Visibility

Microsoft Dynamics 2016 updates drive extra sales by offering better sales pipeline CRM visibility and CRM insights. When business leaders use the phrase “the story behind the numbers”, they’re not talking about the bottom line or the profit margin....

Adopt CRM: your customer engagement journey

In order to keep one step ahead in the modern marketplace, companies must focus on maximising CRM customer engagement.

Inspiring Positivity: Managing Attitudes Towards CRM Adoption

Maximise CRM user adoption and make sure employee sentiment about your CRM is as positive as your ambitions for it. Do you know why some of the best CRM people have experience outside CRM? It’s because today, CRM providers and partners alike know people...

Assess Existing Sales Opportunities in Your Legacy CRM System

Uncover existing leads in your sales pipeline to maximise the potential of your sales team and legacy CRM system.
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