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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Fall Update Marketing Enhancements

Update Overview The recent Fall Update has brought about an arsenal of powerful tools for users across marketing, sales and customer service. With today’s constantly evolving and turbulent environment, it has never been more important for business owners...

Upselling and cross-selling [Slideshare]

In order to really boost your business you need to be upselling and cross-selling to the customers who you know can best increase your margins. Discover how to achieve this in the following slideshare.

Successful CRM in 3 Easy Steps

Customers, relationships and management are three core elements of a successful CRM. Many businesses are reluctant to introduce CRM into their processes. This reluctance to change is understandable when 63% of CRM projects are known to fail. For businesses...

Don’t Fall Foul of These CRM Implementation Mistakes

A new CRM implementation could transform your business and take it to the next level, but beware – if implemented incorrectly it could end up crippling your bottom line. CRM can transform your business. It can give you deeper understanding of your...
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