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From disinterested to delighted: creating a customer-centric culture using sCRM.

CRM is all very well and good, but most of your customers are online, carrying out most of their research. Find out why you need to create a customer-centric culture and how sCRM can help you to do it.

10 best practices for your CRM strategy

CRM implementations often fail, but you can improve your chances of success by following 10 best practices outlined by Redspire’s Billy Lyle.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update 1: Parature

Parature Cloud Based Solution The way customers interact with businesses has changed. Customers are constantly connected via mobile devices, plugged into their social network, and doing their own research. This means that traditional ways of doing business...

Update 1: Social Engagement

Customer Engagement Customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of price, quality and more recently the way in which they communicate with companies. Organisations need to be able to effectively deal with engagement across several different...

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be utilised in the Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Industry Overview The manufacturing industry accounts for approximately one quarter of the world’s economic activity. It is a common misconception that the UK manufacturing industry is weak, it is actually the 11th largest manufacturing...

Update 1: Improve Customer Service Functionality

Customer Service Industry Overview Collectively, companies in the UK are haemorrhaging nearly £15 billion a year due to poor customer service, according to a survey by Harris/Clicksoftware. There is absolutely no valid reason for this. Some companies...

Barriers to CRM: Lack of Long term Strategy

Lack of Long Term Strategy There is an overwhelming number of variables that can cause a CRM initiative to fail. In order for an organisation to successfully implement a CRM system, they must first take steps to map out as many of these variables as they...
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