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What if you get CRM wrong…but what if you get it right?

If you’re investigating CRM for your business right now, you may have read articles about what happens when it goes wrong. In fact, if you were to ask leading businesses who are successfully using CRM what their journey to CRM success looked like, there may well be some tales along the way. We solely concentrate […]

Ten CRM Saves for Insurance Firms of all Sizes

One of the biggest challenges for an Insurance business scoping CRM software is getting behind the headlines and working out how it will provide customer knowledge and marketing opportunities. CRM is indeed the launch pad for digital transformation and yes, it does bring collaboration, communication and efficiency. Likewise, it does make light work of managing […]

CRM – the bedrock of bigger thinking

The businesses that are growing despite the stuttering economy and uncertainty all have one thing in common – customer insight. And they’re not afraid to use it. It’s not surprising but many businesses looking at their competitors might think that they have a better management team, bigger budgets to spend or an easier product to […]

5 Must Knows for your CRM Research

So, you have the remit to explore CRM for your organisation. You might be the CEO, the CTO, the COO or the Project Manager. Or maybe you’re just expected to report into them with your findings. Either way, the CRM scoping and selection process knows no job titles and whilst the journey can be shortened, […]

Dynamics 365 for Talent…We’re Impressed

Have you discovered Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Talent app yet? We’ve been having a look around it, ready to discuss with a keen client and we’re already quite impressed by its first release. It has more features than we expected at this stage with more being released weekly. It was immediately clear how different job […]

20 Facts about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.0

Let’s start this blog by clarifying that Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 is a major release. There are lots of changes so although it has been described as a July release, it’s going to take longer than that with some changes coming through Private Preview/Preview programmes first. It will also roll out to Dynamics 365 Cloud […]