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The TrueFit Methodology

With any CRM project, it is crucial that a structured approach to implementation is taken. According to a variety of research sources, between 50% and 80% of all CRM projects fail. In many of these failed cases, business processes haven’t been properly scoped, systems don’t integrate and additional requirements are revealed throughout the process. As a result, user adoption becomes a challenge as the resulting system isn’t fit for purpose.


Redspire follows the Sure Step Methodology, the official software process from Microsoft that defines the implementation of Dynamics projects.

Sure Step has evolved over a number of years and is acknowledged as the definitive, best-practice approach to Microsoft Dynamics software development.

How do we Improve on Best Practice?

At Redspire, we have created an innovative approach to CRM deployment which involves an agile development programme and allows for a flexible and organic implementation – a journey called TrueFIT.

Our implementation journey – TrueFIT – puts your business objectives at the centre of all development work. We focus on getting you up and running quickly by selecting a single business unit or process which CRM can have maximum impact. We’ll deploy, train and fine tune and won’t move on to the next business unit until everyone is happy with TrueFIT.

The outcome of this approach is that each business unit has fully adopted the system and benefits are being realised quickly. Find out more about each step of our journey below:

I spoke to several potential partners about the options available, but only Respire really listened to us and understood our requirements. Redspire consequently proposed a solution that met our needs and our budgets which enabled us to proceed.

Their flexible approach means we have been able to implement MS Dynamics 2013 and take advantage of its many new features whereas the alternatives would have been prohibitive.

- Paula Cornelius, Business Development Coordinator, British Pipeline Agency

The TrueFIT experience

Step 1: Agree on the business objectives
We’ll put together a project team which will stay with you throughout the TrueFIT process. Along with our MD, we’ll meet you and your key stakeholders and together we’ll discuss what your company’s goals and objectives are. It means that we know what the CRM needs to deliver for the business and from this point forward, everything we do must relate back to those objectives.

Step 2: Understand what standard CRM does

We have decided to focus our technical expertise exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So the next step is to show you what it can do – out of the box, with no customisations. This means that together, we can begin to visualise how each department’s requirements will work within the system and we can also prioritise what customisations will be required.

Step 3: Produce a strategic and tactical plan

From this we can now define and agree on a strategic plan for CRM that will deliver your total business objectives and prioritise the first tactical step – the area that will deliver the best results with the least amount of effort.

Step 4: Get you up and running

Unlike traditional CRM project methodology, Redspire’s journey will get you up and running quickly so we’ll roll out a section of the system to single business unit who can start using it on a day-to-day basis. Together we can deploy, train and fine tune. We won’t move on until everyone is happy.

Step 5: Run our TrueFIT service

Working with you, our dedicated consultant will identify the next business unit, ensuring that each project takes us toward the overall business objectives.

As the smaller projects keep rolling out, you start to realise business benefits more quickly and you and your users end up with the CRM you need – not the one you think you wanted.