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Golden Charter

Golden Charter

Dealing with millions of records from over a hundred sellers, with different products and services across the UK, funeral plan provider Golden Charter chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support its rapid growth.

To help them do this, Redspire:

Used a pilot stage to
ensure the CRM
implementation achieved
business goals.
Invested time onsite
to help every team
understand the new
Helped Golden
Charter feel “a step
ahead” of the


After experiencing massive growth, Golden Charter; currently the UK’s largest independent planned funeral provider saw the number of records they were keeping leap from the 100,000s to the 1000,000s. This rate of growth meant that tracking and monitoring these records quickly grew beyond the capabilities of their existing Microsoft Office based spreadsheet system. In addition, the unwieldiness of this system was beginning to prove a commercial risk as the longer the length of time between appointments being set and being attended, the higher the risk of cancellation. Acting as a strategic partner Redspire were able to address these business needs and provide Golden Charter with a Microsoft Dynamics system tailor-made for them.

Watch our video now to find out why Golden Charter selected Microsoft Dynamics and Redspire.

It wasn’t purely dialogue about system functionality. It really was about how we can realise our corporate objectives in the short and long term.
-Craig Baxter, Head of Customer Relationships and Planning, Golden Charter


Throughout the implementation period of Golden Charter’s tailor-made agile and flexible CRM solution, representatives from Redspire worked closely with those from Golden Charter. This included physically spending time on site to ensure a smooth transition from one system to another and enabling Golden Charter to continue to grow and to achieve their business goals.

Watch our video now to find out how Redspire carried out the implementation.

[Redspire offers] agility, flexibility and a real appetite to meet our needs.
-Robert Maclachlan, Managing Director of Consumer Business, Golden Charter

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